We are Team Astec,
a compact and efficient team that brings its competence and knowledge to the table,
offers challenges and proposes solutions within the building community,
in order to realize timeless monuments.

Each product is curated by the most expert of workshop drafters and artisan hands, with attention to each detail; a detail that distinguishes every Astec project and product and contributes to the Made in Italy brand which is held in the highest esteem around the world. The industrialization of productive processes translates into efficiency, speed of completion and accurate quality control. The objective is to deliver a product of excellence that lasts for many lifetimes. The result is the continuous trust that the most demanding professionals and customers place in us.

Team Astec continuously respects the genius of the blacksmith that gives life to special pieces, to the forger and their ability to laser cut, die cast, pressure bend, calendar and tool shapes; and gives thanks to our colleagues who sand, polish, satin and burnish the metals. It’s thanks to this Astec team and their dedication, professionalism and passion that we help build timeless monuments.

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