Stilwerk Berlino

Stilwerk Berlin is Berlin’s design centre located on Kantstraße in the Charlottenburg district. Astec is proud to have made the bronze façade of the design center of Berlin and to have collaborated with ATP architects engineers and Studio Partners on this iconic building.
Focussing on international design, the Stilwerk offers its customers exclusive products in the field of interior design made by the most famous architects and designers. With an attentive and selective public following, it regularly organises events and exhibitions that showcase the latest and future trends in design.
In this design centre context, the architecture of the building plays an important role, and Astec managed to answer all of the German designers’ requests by creating a bronze façade made of rectangular copper alloy cladding, with insulating features and stainless-steel sub frames. The underlying structure for this project allowed for a ventilated system by assembling the panels without any visible screws. Astec’s custom finish in “Nuvole” was designed to give the warmth of wood, while also being reminiscent of clouds in the sky.

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