Podere Ascianello

Located in the center of a vineyard in the hills of Siena, Podere Ascianello housed grape harvesters and served as the agricultural centre for the production of grain, for the cultivation of tobacco and animal-rearingin the 17th and 18th Centuries. The agricultural complex has been transformed into a private residence by designer Pietro del Vaglio who matches traditional materials with modern technology, a discipline that Astec loves to apply.
In this context, the choice of fixtures has played a key role in framing the residence. The architects opted for the versatility of ABX® architectural bronze doors and windows. The bluing finish of the bronze profiles integrates perfectly with the stone and brickwork, whereas the thinness of the D45 series fenestration profile allows for giving maximum space to the glass. This lightens the design of the openings viewed from the outside, and on the other side, gives the inhabitant a wide and free view of the landscape from the inside. The extruded thermal-break profiles of W65 and K85 series were also used to offer high performance in terms of heat and sound proofing, which provides comfort and energy savings.

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