Panificio Princi

With a controlled style, minimalist elegance, warm colours and materials: the flagship shop of the Princi bakery in Milan, near the Duomo, was designed by the Italian architect and furniture designer Claudio Silvestrin, as an environment able to present the baking activities in a transparent manner and highlight the symbolic value of one of the basic food elements.
Astec’s interior cladding made of a copper alloy was designed in close collaboration with the architect through mock-up exercises and experimentation with numerous samples. A scorched earth tone and finish for the main desk, walls and shelves meant to display bread and baked products was selected by architect Silvestrin and made by Astec. The result is a tension between the warm tones of materials and the sharp but sensual geometric drawing.
The project caused Astec to offer a “Scorched Earth” color for its proprietary products and services that relates to the same warm atmosphere that existed in artisan bakeries of old.

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