Musee De Bastia, Palais des Gouverneurs

Astec has been involved in many renovations and new additions of historic buildings. The historic museum in the citadel of Bastia, France housed in the grand 14th Century Governor’s Palace of Corsica was expanded upon with new and contemporary wings by renowned architects Andrea Bruno and C+D (Daniel Cléris and Jean-Michel Daubourg, architects) who relied on Astec to study and build a custom bronze curtain wall and other details in architectural bronze.
Astec’s collaboration with Paris firm C+D consisted of not only a bronze curtain wall, but also bronze doors and windows and internal cladding of the old parts of this historic monument, recreating the north and west wings partially destroyed during the Second World War in a contemporary style.
It is for the beauty of its finish and for its durability and resistance in a marine environment that Astec’s architectural bronze was chosen to make a bronze curtain wall and other building elements in “Classic” finish.

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