In recent years, bronze and brass have been rediscovered as precious elements for internal fittings, in bright and opulent gold tones, or more warm and calm earthy colours. With elegance and care for detail, the choice of unusual and always unique tones, Astec offers architectural bronze to the Interior Design world in classic and modern styles.


Partitions and internal coverings, staircases, paneling and furnishings. All of the designer’s ideas become a work of art in the hands of our specialists.

The trust placed in the company’s capabilities by architects and designers is also thanks to the numerous reference points internationally, that allow ideas to take shape and give new light to existing elements, covering them in a natural material that fills spaces with fascination by itself.


Some of Astec’s accomplishments:

  • Architectural bronze panels were used during the renovation of the Hotel Concortel in Paris to give light to the walls of the main areas, covered in different materials and able to give the sight and touch a variety of surfaces and colours in warm gold and bronze tones;


  • In Turin, Astec contributed to the creation of Turet, a new concept location, transforming a simple bar in a meeting place with over 12 meters of copper alloy covering in a conical shape that emphasizes its geometry. The golden finish gives a monolithic aspect and at the same time an idea of lightness and modernity.


  • Thanks to the collaboration with architect Stephane Parmentier, Astec has given lift to two works in architectural bronze: Houdini, a console that plays with the laws of physics and appears to levitate in its environment; Pandora, a low table that stands out for its care for detail, it is the result of a new balance between symmetry and asymmetry.

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