Custom Metalworks

Custom metal-works completed by Astec over the years represent and quantify its knowledge and technical capabilities, the high-level project and production management, the team work and synergies that Astec has been able to create by involving all parts of the company right from the planning stage, motivating and identifying the most efficient solutions to offer to the designer and customer.

The prestige of the appearance and the solidity of the work always see the noble materials as the stars of the show, such as copper alloys, architectural bronze and steel types (cor-ten, blue flame treated carbon and austenitic stainless steel).

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of these materials, the continuous updating of techniques and processing machinery, as well as an R&D department that keeps up to date with the latest developments and market news, Astec creates unique and exclusive projects in direct collaboration with architects and designers, for skylights, staircases, parapets, public lighting and “visionary” internal finishes.

Creating a special work of art is a challenge and an opportunity for Astec to continuously improve, demonstrate the excellence of its own production and capability to interpret construction ideas and the imagination of the architect and customer alike.

Here are some of these works:

  • The Yacht Club on the Costa Smeralda, a project by Peter Marino Architects, presents various elements from Astec: shop front doors and windows in ABX® Architectural Bronze, horizontal sun shades with the duckboard effect from the steel structure and copper alloy cladding, AISI 316 stainless steel with teak hand rail.


  • The “Albero della Conoscenza” staircase at the Umanesimo Latino in Treviso, designed by architect Portoghesi, was engineered by Astec and expresses its innovative and daredevil ability to give life to metal. Made from carbon steel and treated with wax, it is 14 metres high and is formed of a central column with laser-cut blades. A particular element: it was assembled completely on site with mechanical fixing, without resorting to welding.


  • Multiplex Cinecity in Silea (Treviso) with multiple elements that attract the attention of every visitor: the box office made from steel structures with glass cladding with spider-glass anchors, the lamp shades, the crèche and the floor of the atrium made from blue steel laminate panels treated with wax.


  • The Bulgari Hotel & Resort in Milan, whose special façade was cladded with burnished copper alloy sheets and includes huge glass windows that allow the marvelous botanical garden to be admired. The automatic revolving entrance door is also coated in copper alloy sheeting.


  • – The archaeological area uncovered during the renovation of the Relais San Lorenzo in Bergamo Alta, has been enhanced thanks to Astec’s special project work. A suspended architectural bronze walkway allows visitor access, and cor-ten steel air intakes provide ventilation and natural light.

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