ABX® Bronze Fenestration

(Windows, Doors & Curtain Walls)

As a reference point in the world of metallic doors and windows for nearly four decades, Astec has always favored copper alloys – using them for developing its own range of patented profiles for the production of doors and windows made from architectural bronze. This has led to the creation of ABX® Architectural Bronze eXtrusion: the exclusive and proprietary Astec system of extruded profiles with a very strong copper alloy, complete with movement and locking accessories, double seal and open-joint; used on doors, windows and glazing of various shapes and sizes.
Architectural Bronze is made of approx. 60% copper and 40% zinc, it is an alloy suitable for making extruded, laminated, profiled and drawn objects destined for small and large architectural projects alike.
ABX® Architectural Bronze eXtrusion is a product born of the union between the construction technology of extruded profiles and the softness of the finish obtained by oxidation and is confirmed as the ideal choice for new builds or renovations, of residential or business properties.
Astec’s ABX® Architectural Bronze eXtrusion is particularly appreciated for the excellent sealing qualities, resistance to corrosion, heat insulation, soundproofing and burglar proofing and is available in both cold-cut and thermal break versions.

Bronze is a timeless material. A constant throughout the history of human evolution.
Architectural Bronze means choosing a timeless material in the evolution of architecture.

Choosing ABX® means highlighting the prestige of the entire building, whether it be in a modern environment or restoring architecture of historical importance, and the safety of a product that has benefitted from decades of testing and use, certified under European standards with CE marking and meeting American ASTM and NFRC standards.

Thanks to decades of experience alongside internationally-renowned architects that have a passion for its timeless materials, Astec looks to new horizons to enrich its ABX® products, with an ever more innovative design in its lines and range of finishes; Astec’s projects and products are classic, luxurious, elegant and timeless.

Doors and windows in Architectural Bronze can be fitted with thick security glass, as well as be integrated with panels also made from copper alloy, which can be used for plugging gaps or aligning with cladding façades or other surfaces, for a perfectly continuous and natural appearance.

ABX® Architectural Bronze eXtrusion requires only cleaning as far as maintenance is concerned, and is available in the following ranges:

Among the most significant projects that Astec has participated in around the world are:


  • Mulino Stucky Venice, a large restoration project that involved nose-cone shaped bronze windows with T50 series profiles and baroque details, as well as bronze doors made with profiles of a historically important building from the L80 range.


  • 25 Bond Street New York, in the heart of NoHo, a luxurious apartment building where Astec has left its signature on over 80 windows made with ABX W65 and K85 thermal break profiles, and custom bronze storefronts and doors.


  • Hotel Peninsula Tokyo, where Astec contributed its competence in the construction of special Architectural Bronze profiles and storefronts, a new design that answered the customers architectural expectations perfectly


  • A highly sustainable and green private residence in Sassuolo, that needed ABX® doors and windows that A+ energy classification was possibly, highly aspired to as a means to minimize energy consumption.


  • The Parliament of Malta, designed by architect Renzo Piano, elegantly integrates, and with great success, ABX® doors and windows in this imposing building with a white façade covered in local stone.

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