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Stephane Parmenier for ASTEC

Private Residence and Hotel
Astec Interior Doors

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Presented at Paris in November 2017 at the most recent Batimat, Astec’s new collection of Interior Doors combines the firm’s architectural bronze doors and windows with a line of customized interior doors for demanding private sector customers or for hotels looking to stand out.

The copper alloys and other noble metals, including titanium, are what makes this project strongly individual, having been designed in cooperation with the architect Stephane Parmentier to ensure the union of aesthetics and functionality.

Demanding technological research, style analysis and market survueys are the basis for Astec’s ever growing range of doors that not only meet global architecture and interior design demand, but also help orient it, drawing in the flexibility and personalization inherent in every Astec project.

Structurally, Astec’s interior doors have a frame clad in metal, with a range of materials and finishings available, from strictly geometric designs to patterns with suggestive pictorial touches.

The glass versions are among the most refined solutions, with the handles in copper alloy or with artistic designs in which the metallic compositions are protected between panes of glass.

The range is also versatile, with traditional doors with concealed hinges, pivot doors with minimal accessories and sliding doors, in pocket and external versions. Each models was designed in convey lightness in combination with customization in the choice of finishing and handles.

Not only a door, but a real artwork.